All the features you need, and more

Make your life easier and engage your members


Manage your community's data like a pro

Import & export member data
Import all your members along with all their profile data into your database; Export your member data whenever you want as a universal CSV file
Powerful search & targeting filters
Target members by group, industry, location, or any custom field when promoting an event or sending a communication
Mass updates
Perform mass updates to your member database base with peace of mind, knowing that you won’t lose data
Profile-update campaign
Run streamlined update campaigns that allow your members to confirm/update specific profile information without even having to login to the platform
Profile update tracker
Keep track of all profile updates made by you or your members


Add, update, and moderate content easily

Full moderation
Control all content published by your members. Get immediate notifications of new publications. Edit or delete as needed
Integrated CMS
Create public pages and menus. Customize your members’ area. Manage the content on your platform from your back-office
Make some content open to visitors on your public pages. Make other content private and visible to only your members
RSS Feed
Add RSS feeds to automatically create content in your platform (news, jobs, …)
Up-to-date content
Whether members share opportunities or list their projects, they will be requested to update their information via automatic email notifications


Post messages to the platform for your members to see. Add pictures, videos or HTML

Media center

Give your members access to documents and files you choose to share


Manage all your events, tickets, and payments in one place

Organize events for your community and add them to your calendar
Invitation emails
Send invitations and reminders to invitees based on location, industry or any custom criteria
Make available different tickets and prices for different types of members (students, staff, …). Easily manage external participants
Online payments
Let users pay online through secure, major payment gateways. Effortlessly keep track of all transactions
Social networks integration
Push your events to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages to boost exposure and attendance


Centralize communications with your members and send automated updates

Email campaigns
Deliver beautiful, responsive HTML emails with the integrated email marketing tool
Powerful targeting
Select who will receive your email based on multiple criteria
Automatic newsletter
Deliver automated, personalized weekly digests that summarize the recent activity of your community
In-app notifications
Send in-app alerts and notifications to your users
Mobile push notifications
Send mobile campaigns to your users. Engage them through your branded mobile app


Share & find opportunities

Find opportunities or request for help
Activate the job board to help members to share and solicit job/internship opportunities from other members. Allow access to even more opportunities through integration of external third-party posting services
Post jobs and share opportunities
Let your members share job opportunities or showcase their availability for a new job
Share resumes
Users can upload their resume and let other community members contact them if they are interested in their profile
Connect partners, investors and co-founders
Whether they are looking for investors, co-founders, employees, or customers, your members can leverage their community network to publicize their projects and organizations

Job Board

Allow your members to find and share opportunities

Startups & Projects

Let your members display their projects and find help through the community


Create discussion forums around specific topics


Manage memberships and donations directly from Hivebrite

Membership plans
Create membership plans and determine associated prices and privileges. Manage complex membership plans with advanced visibility and access management based on user profiles
Lifelong membership
Manage lifetime memberships. Set ceilings for total membership payments that trigger lifetime memberships
Create beautiful donation pages and campaigns. Manage your donors easily with a clear and easy-to-use CRM


Create flourishing communities within your broader community with Hivebrite’s advanced management of Groups

Dedicated space
Communities are often made of many smaller communities. With groups, let your members find and engage with other like-minded people in the community
Custom categories
Create groups to match your particular organizational model (clubs, chapters, industry groups, …)
Empower group leaders
Add specific members of your community to lead, manage, or moderate the groups you create (chapter presidents, industry experts, …)
Create group admins
Allow specific members to control aspects of their group by granting granular admin rights


Facilitate networking within the community

Got some free time ahead of you? Check-in where you are to let nearby members know where you are and to see if they can join you
Planning a trip abroad? Let local members know you when you will be there and see who is available to meet
Direct messaging
Communicate with other members through Direct messaging
Tag people in your posts or comments to make sure they see them

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