Gather supporters around
your cause

Engage with your constituents, manage your donor database, and connect with your volunteers

Empower your constituents to help them support your mission

Engaged constituents are critical to the success of your organization. Hivebrite helps nonprofits engage their supporters effectively so they can achieve their targets and increase their positive impact.

Save time and boost your impact

Managing all your different types constituents can become really time consuming and inefficient without the proper tools. Hivebrite helps you manage your database effectively and send personalized messages to the right people so that you can have more impact with your current resources.

Achieve your fundraising goals

An engaged supporter base helps you achieve your goals. Turn volunteers into donors by finding out which ones are the most highly-engaged. Prevent donors from lapsing by getting early warning signs. Easily collect online payments to ensure no one gets turned off by a complicated process.

Reach, engage, and retain your advocates

Hivebrite helps you make your content and messaging personally relevant for each constituent. Maintain strong relations with your best advocates so they feel more valued and strengthen their commitment. Gather ideas from your supporters so they feel more involved and know they make a difference.

Identify your most engaged supporters

Data helps nonprofits know where to focus, what’s working, and provide a quantitative foundation on which to set goals and measure progress. Hivebrite provides a large set of analytics around your community engagement and the success of your campaigns so you can identify your most engaged supporters.

Organize events to engage your supporters and collect funds

Create and manage your special events right within Hivebrite. Your events can help you build relationships, helping potential donors to feel a connection with your cause. They offer a place to meet and discuss around your cause with your various supporters. Create different ticket types with specific prices for specific constituencies and collect payments online. Identify potential future donors based on event engagement.

Centralize the communication with your constituents

Hivebrite’s powerful targeting and emailing module lets you adapt the right campaign for the right constituents. Stop managing endless emailing lists. With dynamic filters, you can customize your audience for each communication. The automated, personalized weekly digest ensures your supporters are always up-to-date.

Manage memberships and encourage donations

With advanced online payment management, Hivebrite lets you collect money directly from your platform. Whether you are looking to organize paid events, collect membership fees or manage donations, Hivebrite gives you all the tools you need in a simple, centralized platform.

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