Facilitate value creation
within your community

Engage your network, drive collaboration, stay up-to-date, and share best practices

A LinkedIn on steroids for your members

Whether you are looking to bring your key members together in one place, or building a stunning
space for professionals to collaborate, we’ve got your back

Share knowledge and best practices

Organize events, share documents, or drive discussions. All the tools you need to spread information and ideas within your community are included in one easy-to-use solution.

Facilitate ideation and feedback collection

Gather your members on a unified and branded online platform to encourage exchanges and discussions. With Forums, dedicated Groups or Projects, your members can interact online around specific topics based on their interest or location.

Foster in-person networking

Facilitate member interaction & foster a collaborative environment. Powerful networking features like Check-In and Trips, and a highly-visual directory on a map interface with powerful filters will allow your members to easily meet with other members.

Provide a platform for opportunity sharing

Let your members bring opportunities for jobs or partnerships to the community, or crowdsource help on their challenges. Push job opportunities, deals, or projects to your community to provide additional value for your members.

Share information about your industry

Hivebrite provides you with a complete media center that allows you to easily share documents with your members. You can give access to presentations, videos, and all types of documents so your community always benefits from the latest information.

Collect membership fees online with zero effort

Hivebrite lets you create advanced membership plans and collect money directly from your platform. Make specific parts of your platform exclusive to paid members, manage lifetime memberships, and handle recurring payments.

Your community at a glance

See how your community is distributed globally and facilitate local interactions thanks to powerful geolocation and in-person networking features. Accessible from any device so your members never miss an opportunity.

You are in good company

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