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Subscribe to Nitro to upgrade your emoji,
personalize your profile,  share bigger files,
and so much more.

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From clips to pics, share away
with bigger file uploads

Stream apps and games in
sweet, sweet HD

Hype and meme with custom
emoji anywhere

Unlock perks for your communities
with 2 Server Boosts

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Frequently Asked Questions


Nitro is a subscription service that unlocks features and perks across Discord, giving you more ways to have fun and express yourself.

When you subscribe to Nitro, you get access to features that were previously locked for you – like using custom emoji anywhere, uploading bigger files, setting a custom video background, and more. When the subscription ends, you’ll lose access to the perks. 

Nitro is our most popular plan that unlocks access to all available Nitro perks, and Nitro Basic includes a selection of the most-loved Nitro perks that help you better express yourself. See the comparison chart above for a full breakdown!  

Cost varies depending on your country and plan. You can check Nitro prices under User Settings > Nitro in either the desktop or mobile apps.

You can purchase Nitro by visiting the Nitro tab in User Settings, or in the Nitro page under Home on desktop. On mobile, visit User Settings by tapping your user icon in the bottom bar, then select Get Nitro.

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